More than Whips and Chains?

I believe that domination is more than a bunch of leather (none of which fits me) outfits, and whips and chains. True domination is mental. It is allowing me to take away choice, to let me guide you through your own subconscious and find pleasure you did not know you craved. I am an alpha, that means my domination does not come from projecting my insecurities like so many others if comes from an effortless realisation that I can take what i want, like the animal kingdom; I am the apex predator. Any other Dom you can think off i can take by the throat and lift up against the wall and force them to submit to me physically and in the desperation of their physical submission they will let me into their heads and I become the dominant. That is an alpha. I am the alpha.

"Jay muscle has been my Dom for over a year now. In all aspects he is in control and in charge. His physical presence is undoubtedly dominating and as well as being a huge turn on it means he is able to physically dominate anyone he chooses. He always knows exactly what I want even when I'm too afraid to ask and is always able to push my limits. Every session we have is utterly incredible, domination is not just whips and chains and leather outfits it's trust and respect and being able to give a submissive what they want by taking their control and understanding their deepest darkest desires. Jay is a true alpha male, dominance is in his nature and he has years of experience. Trust him, give him your submission and allow him to show you the true art of dominance. " - Submissive


Domination Sessions

Domination sessions take place in London, in a perfectly designed and professional dungeon that is fully equipped to explore any and all kinks and fantasies. The minimum session for any domination booking is 2hrs, this is because it takes time to unlock the mental side of domination and find your true sub space. I do not rush, I take my domination extremely seriously while you are in my care. It takes a lot to give your submission and i respect that by not rushing our time together.

  • 2 hrs - £600
  • Additional Hours - £150
  • Day Play Rate (10hrs) - £1500
  • Overnight (16hrs) - £2000


For all meet-ups I accept cash when we meet. If you would like to experience a true alpha, and learn what it means to truly submit and find true domination in my charge, then fill out the form below - 100% discretion assured.

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