I offer various services to fit everyone's tastes, Huge Dominant Straight Stud, Cocky Jock, Massive Muscle Monster, Powerful Lift and Carry but also including social events and travel. Fill out the form below and i'll make your muscle fantasy a reality better than anything you could imagine!

Muscle Worship

Does the sight of huge bulging muscle make you weak at the knees? Does the desire to feel those FightFlex.mp4-336.102lumps and bumps, to caress and kiss the sinews make your heart race? Just imagine if you could live out those fantasy's. Now you can. Meet Jay for a Muscle Worship meet, be in the presence of pure muscle, and feed your craving, nurture the addiction. Not only is Jay the biggest muscle escort around, but he also knows how to guide you around his body, how to pin you down and smother you with muscle. Grab, kiss, grope, feel and experience muscle!

Lift and Carry

liftandcarry.mp4-245.950Imagine being picked up, lifted overhead as if you were just a dumbbell. Jay will make you feel like. You weigh nothing the ease with which he can throw you around is unparalleled. He enjoys showing off this power!


Fantasy Role-playDSCF1033.MOV-99.933

From batman, to a roman gladiator. Jay has a huge range of costumes that can make any fantasy or role-play scenario a reality. Imagine being arrested by Jay, or imagine finding yourself oiling up a pro-wrestler before a big match!


For all meet-ups I accept cash when we meet, fill out the form below and lets make it happen - 100% discretion assured.

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